May Day

So we haven't formally announced anything yet but I thought I'd see if anyone was still checking this thing out. So far the ideas being kicked around for the Mayday Extravaganza were: a group bike ride, acoustic show / Veggie BBQ at Lancaster City Park, a table with literature, secondhand books, etc. and some sort of house show afterwards with louder music possibly electrified.
If this is really going to happen we need to get together and discuss the event and whatnot. Even though I was not in attendance for the last one I really liked the idea of the group potluck / collective meeting. After all what good is a collective if we don't collect and eat and party. I propose a monthly gathering from now on for heated discussions and wrestling. We have assembled an extremely special little group and it would be nice to organize ourselves in such a way that we might be able to really take advantage of each other's talents and ideas.
Post retorts or comments and let everyone know what you think. I'm excited.