Don't Just (Not) Vote!

explanation of title here.

Here is a shitty attempt at doing more than not voting. Two covers and an original that somehow reflect how I am feeling on this election day. Part of me hopes that an upswing in quality in life will follow in the following weeks, but I got a really good feeling that it's gonna be the same shit, different day. Maybe every single available republican will be voted out of office, all republican bills will be defeated, and in 6 months, or 1 year, or 2 years, or whenever, when nothing has changed, when we are still fighting wars over nothing, still tearing apart our home, still trying to silince any form of dissent, still pushing our values on everyone, maybe everyone will see the whole thing is fucked and needs to be thrown out with the bathwater.

Or maybe that year's American Idol will be deaf.

Do you think vegas has odds on that?

Anyways, enjoy.

BOOTH! - Election Day Parade
BOOTH! - Rooftops
BOOTH! - Burning Down the House


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