The Music There Was Hauntingly Familiar

Newsflash: For those of you who live in a cave or are perma-fried on Robitussin, we have a Myspace page now, where I assume most new info and updates will be posted. Hop on the train, will you?

Also, the debut album from the DBC side-project The Hombr3s is done and resting on the windowsill. When it cools down a bit, we'll cut you off a slice and post it in the Releases section. It's white hot monkey love.

Don't forget to tell your friends about the show at Crosstown Records on the 13th. It'll be magic. (By the by, we need someone--ANYONE--to make a flyer. Volunteers?

We're also canning the message board. I actually bought Cialis and found my subsequent erection to be underwhelming and rather spongy.

That's all for now. Keep coming back.


Blogger Whit said...

I was startled to find a post here. Glad to see there's life in the old girl yet.

6/1/07 8:13 AM  

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